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Linda sends her submissions along with an idea for helping MCMGA painlessly. Linda writes: Foxtail Lilies are a favorite of mine.  Currently I only have yellow.  However I just purchased: Eremurus – Foxtail Lily, Desert Candle- Pink.  I got them from bloomingbulb.com, along with a few others.  This order was one of the best looking set of bulbs  I’ve ever gotten in mail order or from on-line.  The other thing that made me happy is that they shipped from Benton Harbor, Michigan.  To top off everything, Blooming Blub donated 9% of my order to MCMGA thru GoodShop.  A Win-Win for sure! For sure I will be ordering the other colors that were currently out of stock soon.

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FotoFriday – October 28

Ever have “one of those weeks”? I had two concurrent internet problems that were confounding troubleshooting and repairs, so I was incommunicado for several days. Sorry, folks! Here’s our belated FF submissions:

We have a lovely submission from Diane M – her “Monster Mummies” are taking over her front flower bed!

Monster Mummies!

Linda has her own private mystery in her garden. She writes:   I have a plant that I have no idea what it is.  I planted it about 3 years ago…loved the foliage, but, it never bloomed until this year.  I’m hoping someone can tell me what it is?  Anyone Know?  I’m adding an early Summer photo with just foliage and one from this week when it began to bloom.   It’s bloom looks alot like the Firetail, Bistort Mountain Fleece flower that Frank added as a Mystery Plant.  However, the foliage it nothing alike…it doesn’t mean it can’t be related though.

Linda’s own personal “mystery plant!’

mystery plant – earlier this summer

Can we give Linda any help identifying her plant?

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FotoFriday Update!

For all you FotoFriday afficionadoes – hang in there!

Sue has been experiencing some technical difficulties with her cable company for the last few days and will be  unable to get FotoFriday out until sometime tomorrow.   For those of you that live in the country you will appreciate the havoc the strong winds this time of the year can wreak on overhead cable lines. Her internet connection has been –  let’s say intermittent!  Hopefully the technicians will get her up and running by tomorrow!


I don’t want any of you shutter bugs going into withdrawal,  so I have posted my favorite screen saver of a tomato horn worm devouring one of my prize tomatoes!  I wonder if we should have an old fashioned TV test pattern for occasions such as this when we are experiencing technical difficulties?

So please be patient and I am sure she will reward you with a whole slew of backlogged articles.


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This week we have submissions from Chris Eddols, Linda Welch, and Frank Deutsch. Chris writes, “I spent the past few days on Mackinaw Island and captured the attached whisper of beauty before winter.”

Linda writes, “This photo comes from my front yard, where I have a small island bed that houses our flag pole.    I’ve never been a great fan of impatiens.    All season they have been a great colorful display.  Little maintenance…a few weeds here and there, but they “self-clean”.  I’m changing my mind…They just might have a permanent spot.”

Frank submitted some vibrant and contemplative scenes from his woodlot.

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We have some lovely autumn pictures this week! Frank submitted a flaming ‘living bouquet’ entitled, “Woodlot scene in Fall Colors”.

Woodlot Scene in Fall Colors

Linda submitted two photos of her sedum. As much as I love sedum, it’s always a little bittersweet for me when they bloom because I know the end of nice weather is upon us.


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We didn’t have any member entries this week, so I decided to mix things up a bit. Usually we think of enjoying garden photography in vivid color. We commonly overlook the fact that many things such as tone, texture, and contrast may be shown better in black and white! Many cameras these days, even cell phone cameras, have a B&W option, or the ability to convert color photos to B&W. For even more options, inexpensive computer programs are available. Here are just a few examples. The dahlia and hibiscus flowers were shot in the demonstration gardens at our Extension office. The fern was taken awhile back at Hidden Lake Gardens.

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Linda shows us how color, shape, and texture all work together for a gorgeous fall foliage display. She writes,  “I enjoy the brilliant color of Canna Phasion.  I paired it with a Coleus (seen in background).  I believe it was called ‘Color Blaze’.   Cannas have such great color in it’s foliage, the flower is only a bonus.  Canna Phasion has a bright orange bloom.”


Karen submitted a set photos of spectacular-looking assorted peppers she has in her garden this year. She writes, “These were all taken in my garden during September. I have been freezing a lot of peppers!”

These are for three batches of chili. They will taste good this winter.

Photo includes varieties Valencia, Orange, Golden California Wonder, Mariachi, Inferno, Big Bomb

Photo includes varieties Valencia, Orange, Golden California Wonder, Mariachi, Inferno, Big Bomb


"Orange" is purple first.

Karen is growing a new sunflower variety this year, Italian White. They are more branched than typical sunflowers and continue to bloom after the other varieties are done.

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Linda submitted another section of her gorgeous garden.  This area is behind the waterfall and has a wide variety of textures.

I am attracted to relationships between symmetry and asymmetry in nature. The sunflower I submitted a few weeks ago was one example. Here is another:

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This week, we have some lovely photos Georgeann took during her vacation. I can almost feel what this morning was like! Georgeann writes, “A foggy day in London town? No,  just a view from our pop-up camper in Norris Dam State Park south of Knoxville TN.”

Linda documented the outstanding color of her hibiscus growing along with Clematis and Mandevilla.

My bluebird box has an interesting inhabitant. I noticed him shortly after the second clutch of baby bluebirds fledged. He’s been there ever since.

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FotoFriday – September 9

We have lots of great submissions this week! Way to go – keep it up! The first is a group from Naida and here’s her comment about her photos. –  “The Fungus Among Us” – This huge “fairy ring” which was about 20′ in diameter appeared in our Milan yard May 2011.  The mushrooms were the size of large dinner plates and really beautiful.  They appeared – seemingly overnight and for a couple weeks.  We didn’t want to hit them with the mower and spread the spores so I dug them out thinking that if I was able to get all the stem and mushroom they wouldn’t come back.  Well, they kept coming and the last photo is what the ring looked like in August.  This ring has been showing up for several years but without the mushrooms.  Wonder what will happen next year?  I would just love for someone to tell me they were edible!

From Debi Beier –

I have a picture of my 18 months old labrador, Maizy.  She is “smelling” my Proven Winner petunias, or so it seems.  In reality she was trying to eat them!
From Linda Welch –
Here’s my Angel Trumpet that volunteered in my garden.  I found it peeking from under my shed.  Thought it was a weed at first and pulled it.  Then after recognizing the leaf, I just stuck it in a pot.  That was about a month ago…it’s now giving me a show. These were taken in the morning after a night’s rain.
From Karen Hehl –
All were taken August 23 in my garden. The first is a Soraya sunflower, the second is a Lemon Queen sunflower, and the third is a swallowtail butterfly on a zinnia.

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