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August Tour: My Garden

Photo & story by GK and a few from me.
The last tour of the summer highlights to enjoy:
Our blog editor Linda: extended an invitation to visit her garden

We have been to Linda’s garden before. An interior designer; her garden – a self reflection, never disappoints.
The front yard contains two paver resting areas surrounded by beds.

West Arbor patio area

the group in the front yard patio entry

Re-doing the front entry gardens, has been her most recent project- below, members study the succulent wall pocket placed to greet front door guests.

A closer look of the vertical succulent garden

Since the pavers take up most of the area, plantings are in various types of containers. At the entry I decided to feature a succulent garden. Here are a few of the containers and succulents.

sitting on the table is a container of various succulents

An old floor lamp converted into a container so the string of pearls could be featured

Another plant that got a lot of attention- a hydrangea. The plant produces striking color variations and per Linda,
she does not amend her soil for PH—-

This hydrangea is planted into a pot as well. It continues to produce new blooms that start off lavender, turn to the blues/lavender and then to the pink/sage color

For those of you that were interested in this variety it is an Endless Summer brand called BloomStruck (Hydrangea macrophylla).
Along with the succulents you will find 7 varieties of tree peonies as well as a few herbaceous ones. This time of year you see most green foliage. However, in Spring the blooms add much color. Here are a few of my spring photos:

This was increased in size to see into the bud where the saw flies are getting their share of pollen.

Here we discussed a bit of powdery mildew caused by lack of circulation in that spot. The mildew was concentrated by the herbaceous peony growing from the root of the tree peony

There were a few interesting plants discussed as well including the Helleborus from front yard that was a double, It’s called Helleborus Wedding Party – Flower Girl. There is a full series of Wedding Party, I have 3 in the series, but the other’s were just planted this year and won’t get blooms until this spring.

I had cut one for a spring flower arrangement.

Leaving the front; we walk around to the side yard on route to the back gardens.

Hiding in the flower bed–“a gardening angel”

On the west side of the house was an over grown area with globe arborvitae. There were 5 of these “monsters” and I made it a goal to rip the out and replace with colorful coneflowers.
Nested into the group is a delightful clematis. One of Gail’s faves from her past tours…she has a request in for a clipping. It’s name: Clematis heracleifolia, Mrs. Robert Bryden.

Linda loves using coleus to bring out matching blasts of color.
Below: Jenny shows how to propagate a coleus
What handsome owl. I enjoy matching many of my flowers to these artwork pieces in my garden. Notice the coleus next to the owl. It’s an unusual one that caught many of the gardeners eyes. I looked up my tag to include it’s name. The company that trademarks it is Dummen Orange. The trademark is Stained Glassworks and it’s name is Tilt A Whirl Coleus.

Here are more examples of Linda’s talent for bringing plants & yard art together with color
A major plant feature in Linda’s garden is a Japanese Maple
(I think I need to get one of these.)
Another feature the potting shed.

The side view

the inside from front to back

on the outside- back wall of shed, one of those wall pockets that Linda is noted for.
Below, A view of the garden from the rear of the shed.
Discussion-this plant: a HYSSOP or not ??

Grabbing a bottle of cold water before we dart off to our next stop.
Let’s take a quick peak back at her garden:
Linda, thank you, for being such a gracious host & for
sharing your garden with us!!………..


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