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I emerge as soon as the sun set this time of the year, and can often be seen hovering before flowers as I sip nectar.  Occasionally I can be seen in daylight zooming around the garden, especially late in the season.  I am an amazing flier and have often been compared to a nocturnal hummingbird.

I am easily recognized by my large size, big eyes, furry brown thorax and six white stripes, tan band down each forewing with a row of white-lined veins across the forewings and by my pink and black hindwings.  Unlike my more svelt butterfly cousins…I have to beat my wings very fast just to stay aloft…a characteristic that enables me to hover in mid-air like a hummingbird.

Being a mainly nocturnal flier, I prefer white or other pale tubular flowers which are easier to see in the evening.  During daylight I can often be seen feeding at red or other brightly colored flowers…quite a contrast to my night-time color preferences.

The larvae of some of my more distant cousins can be quite destructive when emerging in your tomato or pepper patch.

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Mystery Bug #1

Really-Pink-Katydid_thumb2This insect has an uncommon genetic mutation which results in its bright pink color. It is found in our area during this time of year. Name the mystery bug. Bonus if you can name the mutation! Post your response as a comment. Winner gets bragging rights!

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