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Deborah K. Sent the following for posting

She added this note:
Some of the new forms are too out there for me. If I could only have two, they would be Sunday gloves, a cream, and prairie blue eyes. I’d say Joan senior and gentle blessings but I can’t always keep them going.


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Stella sent us some photos from Toledo Botanical Gardens. She writes:

These are shots of some of the day lilies at their peak in the day lily walk at Toledo Botanical. Thought members might be interested since they are touring daylies Saturday.

Since Steve Stockford came and presented his initial plan/vision to the group, I thought this might be of interest for the blog –
Today they were putting the mulch down on the Inclusion Garden. Most all the plants and bushes are in and the water wall started flowing yesterday. They were installing half barrels that will turn like lazy Susans as well today.
Steve, who is very proud, said it is better than he dreamed!

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