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April Meeting 2022

story & Phots by Gail K.

April mtg-2022Covid restrictions newly lifted:

Jennie suggested with no speaker scheduled; we take advantage of watching a previous zoom meeting hosted by MSU extension.   (note location of speaker)

One major aspect of being a Master Gardener at any level is the quest to learn & share.  Covid forced us to change in order to achieve and maintain……

Zoom meetings allowed us to broaden the scope of who & where  we garnered our gardening info.

Look at the number of people who were involved in the original mtg.

If you look closely-one of our own members was a participant-

do you see her??? Hello-Deb!

She is proficient & knowledgeable in growing daylilies–

Here are the pictures of two plant types he spoke of Lenten Roses & Succulents. So very striking—-in color and contrast.

This lecture was informative & well worth the time. Thanks Jennie for sharing: because no matter where we are, or what we grow; as gardeners we face the same concerns. We love Mother Earth & know we must strive to seek a balance in our care of her and our quests to find that perfect plant./g

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Our new Name

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