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Identity Issue

Gail writes:
Does anyone know the name of this shrub???? When we moved into our home in 1977—the elderly lady next door,
shared how she and her deceased husband used various gardening practices (chives under bushes to cut down on mosquitoes). One of my earliest exposures to” organic gardening techniques.” among her many plants, one has survived the many “new neighbors” but I have never been able to figure out what it is. So I decided to let you all help me (PS I do not have a smart phone–).

Evergreen in nature–but not conifer insignificant-small white flowers, emit a grape smell flies & bees just love the berries which follow in the fall remind me of bittersweet- not orange….but white, and when ripe they pop open to reveal a bright red berry like seed.

The plant reseeds easily and the bush can get quite large thanks ahead of time……………..gk


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by Gail K.
Once again, we find ourselves at the end of our growing season. Most of us have prepared our gardens
for the upcoming winter season. On Nov. 10th we held our annual banquet to celebrate the fellowship
of the Monroe County Master Gardener Assoc. & Horticulture Club during the past year. I would like to
share with you some of the pictures from this event.

Typical of our potlucks there was a wide variety of delicious dishes to choose from Stella, Naida & Norma prepare the dishes before serving

Our president Doris, let us in a short prayer of thanks for the past year’s successes.

Did I mention the FOOD????

It was a nice time to mingle & a pleasure to relax with friends & to share in good ole conversation……
no meeting today…….just food, friends and smiles (full bellies)

Thanks to Jenny and Winnie for the beautiful tablescapes; the tables were covered in fall colors & anchored by centerpieces of colorful gourds.

Also a big thank you goes to Joan; who treated each of us to a jar of homemade pepper jelly.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough. Jenny made ice cream out of the paw paw crop from the extension gardens.

By the smile on Pat’s face, I am going to say the Paw Paw ice cream was a huge success. YUM-thank you Jenny!

An integral part of our banquet, was our speaker; Erin Hill from Michigan State who gave a presentation in her field of expertise-weed identification.

The group listened intently as Ms. Hill spoke to the various aspects of how we could control the weeds in our gardens, and how we could ID them to ensure we were using the correct techniques to control them.

It was clear that Ms. Hill was passionate & knowledgeable in her field of expertise. An excellent speaker and an enjoyable program.

In closing, here are some words of wisdom

So in closing out another year- let’s give thanks for all the friendships we have enjoyed through the master gardener program-the tours which open our eyes to what lies beyond our own gardens and to all aspects
of gardening we are exposed to via the various educational opportunities we enjoy.

See you 2019………………..gk

May I add a Thank you to Gail for all the great stories she has contributed to our Blog. It’s been a pictorial scrapbook of great shots. Linda

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Fall inspiration

Albert Camus


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Photos and article by Gail K.

I have had an issue with a particular flower and thought it may be good to share my experience. I am not sure where I purchased, but the plant marker had it labeled as UPRIGHT PURPLE-RUELLIA. Sold as a perennial I thought it would be an asset in my garden. Very showy it says-when in full bloom. NOT ONE THING ABOUT IT BEING INVASIVE. As far as I am concerned it is invasive in my yard.

It really is pretty, but I am finding it in every planting bed I have and it is not easily removed……….so I am just sharing this with you—before you plant this, be aware of what my experience has been. It has other names: Wild Petunia (Monroe County Cons. District sells this in native plants) and Mexican Petunia (Ruellia Simplex). Used for prairie plantings as it attracts butterflies… read that the wild form is invasive and on watch lists. I am not sure how you know if you have the wild or not but I won’t plant any version of this—gk

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