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I’m excited about my garden this year. Although my back yard is suffering….I’ve have some awesome changes to my front yard. Naida, as I said during Milan’s Garden Club tour…those shrubs are going.

Oh dear, after removing the Black Lace Elderberry and all the shrubs…all those stumps to remove….this is what I was left with….

I will soon share all these changes with you, but for now, here are some sneak peaks and some of my blooms this spring.

The Eastern side looked just as bad…What was I thinking…That Generator didn’t show behinds those barberry and elderberry shrubs…of course nothing showed behind those overgrown shrubs. Can’t wait to show you the new garden.

sneak peak…window boxes.
Loving the color of this geranium
sneak peak of the new garden coming 7 climbing roses 18 purple salvia, 6 lime heuchera, 24 Lilly bulbs…this garden is a tribute to my two sister-in-laws that passed less than one year apart. Their names are Rose & Lillian.
I love when Mother nature makes a combo
Itoah peony Copper Kettle
Remember this late snow/frost. This was the result on one of my Tree Peonies. But not to worry
This is that same sad Tree Peony It was loaded with blooms. I counted 23 around the bush.
close up
Another beauty in my back yard
My Favorite…she never lets me down.

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Naida sent this in this morning. Some great ID information

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Does anyone know what these eggs are? A friend on a Facebook page posted this photo. I did some searching and thought maybe a moth or could they be grape pearls? I’d like to know if anyone recognizes what it may be.

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Joan sent an update of the Robin’s nest…

4 babies

In the Meantime, the Robins built a nest on my shed arbor…I wasn’t happy, however, I left it. They have now left the nest and I will be taking this one down. Robins have been known to come back to the same nests and or nesting area each year. I’m sure this is the Robin that used my vertical garden last year.

Something I am happy about… a Cardinal pair have just began building a nest in my climbing rose. I’m very surprised they chose a spot so low. I will be watching for eggs….they are a great site to see all day.

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Microsoft Word – Good Thymes Vendor Registration Form Rev. 4.2020.docx (constantcontact.com)

Music & Art 10th Anniversary Kick-Off with LL7 | Taylor Conservatory

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Photo Friday

Gail K sent us these “dandy” photos:

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