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Milan Garden Club Event

By Naida A.
Each year Milan Garden Club members make up approximately 80 Christmas
centerpieces using fresh greens in a very nice ceramic, waterproof
container. These centerpieces are then sold at Marble Memorial United
Methodist Church in Milan at their annual “Craft and Goodie Sale”, the
first Saturday of each December and at very reasonable prices of between
$10 and $20 (local folks know our prices are low and they line up at the
door at 8:30 am to buy them. We sold 60 the first two hours of the
sale!). We are able to offer these at those low prices because several
of our members shop for the ceramic containers and accessories during
and immediately after Christmas week and at almost give-away prices!

This year we outdid ourselves and when all were assembled we counted
96! I am most pleased to report that only 8 centerpieces were left over
after the sale and the remainder will be used at our annual Christmas
Dinner on December 12 and (hopefully) sold at that time.

If you would like to know more about Milan Garden Club we have a
Facebook page or please contact Naida Albin. Guests are always welcome
at our meetings and programs and we would love to have you visit us to
see if our joining our club would be of interest to you. We meet the
2nd Wednesday of each month, in Milan, at 6:45 from February through



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