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Happy Sunny-day

story & photos by Gail K.

Happy Sunny-day.

Here we are in mid-January and it feels more like early spring.  Can’t say I miss shoveling the white stuff but right on cue………..look who came to pay me a visit.

I can’t help but smile from ear to ear when the bright colored bluebirds grace me with a visit.

They are just precious-a bright spot in the white of winter.

Let me challenge all of you to observe the feathered and non-feathered creatures in your yard—–snap a photo and send it on……..the blog could use some “cuteness.” 


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Story and photos by Gail K.

In the grip of the coldest temps so far this winter & the cancellation of our January meeting- as a precautionary Covid hiatus; along with receiving too much bird seed at Christmas (darn kids); I decided to tackle a project & share it with you.

Homemade bird seed cakes: The recipe I used, required minimal supplies. 
Bird seed- (Your choice). You may add nuts,raisins, or
currents if not in your seed mix. (Great way to clean out the pantry)
Water, Plain Gelatin, & molds. 

FIRST: put 1 1/4 cup of the bird seed mixture in a bowl-set aside.

The above photo shows several shapes of molds-made of metal or glass. Use silicone, plastic, cookie cutter, clay pots or any other “shape.”

I sprayed the mold to ensure ease of removal and found the deeper the mold, the better the end result.  This mold worked well.

Put 1/4 c of water in a saucepan-add 2 pkg. of the unflavored gelatin to the water.

Over low heat, stirring until the gelatin has fully dissolved. (doesn’t take long)
Once dissolved, remove from heat and allow to cool for one minute before adding the bird seed.

Mixing well, to ensure all the bird seed is coated with gelatin.

Take the mixture & place into the mold.

firmly press the mixture into the mold and set aside to harden– allow for at least 24 hrs.

How you “hang” the seedcake is part of the final design. Many ways to “offer” & the type of bird you want to feed may determine that. To hang from a branch or hook, while soft,make a hole to thread ribbon or twine thru; or place a loop of twine between two layers of the mixture. You can just insert into a suet feeder.

Once hardened, gently remove from the molds and offer to the birds……..I found the heart shape to be too thin and slid them into a suet feeder. The star I hung by a loop of twine from my feeder pole. The squirrels would have had a quick snack if I dare to hang from a branch. Full recipe follows…………..

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