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At our March 23rd mtg, Jenny introduced Amy Stone from OSU (go blue!!) who spoke
on Invasive Plants and Pests. Amy a youngster, compared to most of us–proved to be
an energetic interactive and engaging speaker. It was clear she is passionate on this
subject matter.

Amy enhanced her talk with a comprehensive power point presentation

Amy spoke on our responsibility to NOT introduce invasive plants or insects
into our environments–that is best achieved by planting NATIVES. She explained
that an invasive is a NON-native and Native is a specific geno type.

She had a lot of information and the group listened intently as she spoke of not
only invasive plants but the major threat from invasive insects.

Amy covered a lot of information in her talk. A new word for me was
PHENOLOGY – insects & plants develop based on “weather” conditions.
There are direct correlations between when some plants bloom and when the
insects interact with that plant.
In closing, Amy gave references for us to use; noting she has her education & focus
in Ohio. While some info crosses the state boundaries; as Michiganders we
do have our own unique habitats-ultimately the more we all share the better
off our environments will be. web site reference INVASIVE.ORG
“Easier to eradicate when small & isolated”
Her favorite reference: Buckeye Yard & Garden—online //bygl.osu.edu
We have already had some of our members reference articles from this on
the blog……………check it out. gk
THANK YOU AMY!!!!!!!!!!!


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Adopt a Garden

A list has been posted on the Member’s page that shows the current demo garden volunteers and gardens that could use a volunteer. Please take a few minutes to view it and decide if you would like to adopt-a-garden

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Last year, I made a post about my roses getting chewed up. I discovered saw flies and tried treating them organically by picking off the larvae and spraying off as well. Not sure if the weather has much to do with it…but the saw flies are at an epidemic level. Time for some first aid. Hoping for some predator wasps, along with some Neem Oil and Sevin. Ugg, hate using it…but can’t loose everything to them.

There seems to be two different species here

This was increased in size to see into the bud where the saw flies are getting their share of pollen.

So yesterday was one of the first days I was able to get out into my garden to relax and/or plant. Rain, Rain, go away. Next to my chairs I have a pine…I noticed white spots on the needles. Hummm, What can that be…I hope it’s not scale. Sure enough Pine needle scale. I’m hoping I’ve caught it in it’s crawler stage. I sprayed it all over with Neem oil. It’s not on the new growth yet. I am hoping to saw it, but if not I just might have to burn it in my outdoor fireplace.

A close up show there are still some crawlers before developing the scales.

Well, we will see what happens. Hopefully, I can show you all healthy plants at our tour in August.

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Good morning, Just noticed this article in The Saline Post about
a Native Plant Sale on June 1 that Blog readers may be interested in.



Can you Relate?

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Naida sent this link where there is a good article, from “Michigan State University Extension News Gardening in Michigan”, on the Monarch research:

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Friday Funny

Jennie sent us a bit of humor:

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Gail has sent us this info from Kingwood :
Free Admission Days in May

Rich History Weekend
May 4th-May 5th

Free Admission for Rich History Passport Holders

National Public Gardens Day
May 10th

Free Admission for All!

Armed Forces Day
May 18th

Free Admission for Military Service Members

May Events

Spring Kick-Off Plant Sale
May 3rd-May 5th

Join us for the Kingwood Spring Kick-Off Plant Sale! The Garden Shop will be fully stocked with 200+ different herbs & vegetables, a large selection of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, houseplants, succulents and garden decor! A one-stop-shop to get your garden started.

Members, save 15% all weekend long! New Memberships will also be 15% off!

May Workshops

Insect Repellent Container Garden Workshop
May 5th from 5-6 PM

Non-Member: $35 / Members: $28

Ward off patio pests without harmful chemicals by using scented herbs! All participants will create a beautiful container to take home.

Intro To Meditation
Free With Admission

May 6th from 5:30-6:30 PM

Explore the practice of mindful meditation while enjoying the fresh air, sights, and sounds of Kingwood. Any experience level welcome.

Self-Care for the Gardener
May 9th from 5:00-6:30 PM

Non-Member: $25 / Members: $20

Do your hands need help after working in the garden? Sue Yarger from Sky Essentials will help you personalize hand lotion with essential oils. Create a second item to help relieve soreness from bending, lifting, and grasping. Materials provided.

Mindful Movement Yoga Series
Every Thursday, May 9th-May 30th from 5:30-6:30 PM

1 Session: Non-Member: $12 / Members: $10

Series: Non-Member $40 / Members: $35

Join us for a gentle, meditative yoga experience amid the beauty of Kingwood’s gardens. All levels welcome.

Invasive Plants Seminar
May 16th from 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Non-Members: $35 / Members: $28

Join the Ohio Invasive Plants Council in a day-long adventure of learning about Ohio’s invasive plants and how to deal with them. Breakfast and lunch provided as well as a tour of Kingwood’s gardens!

Spring Foraging
May 16th from 5-7 PM

Non-Member: $25 / Members: $20

Ever wondered what those “useless” weeds are in your garden or backyard? Many are beneficial, edible, and medicinal. Nicholas Copley of Lionheart Medicinal Gardens will lead you through Kingwood identifying and sharing on history, nutrition, and medicinal value of the plants found on this tour.

Blooming Peonies in Paper
May 19th from 5-7 PM

Non-Members: $50 / Members: $40

Recreate beautiful blooming peonies with exhibit artist Lea Gray! These amazing paper blooms are exquisite decorations you can add to your walls or vases that will wow your family and friends!

Paint and Plant with Willie
May 23rd from 5-6 PM

Non-Members: $10 / Members: $5

Bring your children to the gardens for a fun and exciting craft time with Kingwood Gardener, Willie. Kids and adults can enjoy growing flowers in a pot they paint themselves! Materials provided.

Astronomy Night Hike
May 24th from 9-10 PM

Adults: $5 / Children: $3

Experience Kingwood after hours to join astronomer Dave Duncan to view the stars! This workshop is fun and educational for both kids and adults.

Fountains and Statues
May 30th from 6-7 PM

Non-Members: $10 / Members: $5

Did you know there are several different historic statues and fountains throughout Kingwood Center Gardens? These historic features create our own unique art gallery inside our gardens! Find out the history of each feature on this guided tour.


Our Trimble Road lot is closed this season, but we have several other options for parking. Please enter through our Park Avenue West gate or the Linden Road entrance.

Cultivation Education

Every Tuesday starting May 28th from 10:30-11:30 AM

Cultivation Education beings May 28th! This educational series is for preschool aged children and their caregivers, and is free with admission. Join us every Tuesday from 10:30-11:30am in the Peacock Playhouse. There will be a different, nature-themed topic each week as well as a craft for children to create. This is a great way for your child to learn about nature!

Wine Walk

Tickets go on sale today!!

This year we are hosting our 3rd Annual Wine Walk and we’ve made some exciting changes you won’t want to miss! We are adding a beer tent, larger wine pours, and more drink tickets – all at a better price for you! In lieu of a chef’s tasting, we are partnering with food truck vendors to offer eclectic and quality dining options for purchase. Additionally, the event will grow to new areas of our grounds including the Greenhouse and Kingwood Hall and will feature intimate seating and live music surrounded by our unforgettable garden setting.

Our theme this year is Red Wine vs. White Wine. From Cabernet to Chardonnay, choose a side by dressing in red or white attire. The event features eight of Ohio’s premier winemakers serving up two ounce pours of reds, whites, and rosé. The evening will also include live music and entertainment.

Member Preview: Order your tickets now to enjoy a special preview hour just for Kingwood Members from 5-6pm!

For more information and ticket sales, visit http://kingwoodcenter.org/events/3rd-annual-wine-walk

10th Annual Kingwood 5K

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Naida has shared some info with us:
Lots of good info from Matthaei advising status of peony garden and spring sales for those interested. Thanks, Naida
Container Plantings, Herbs and Vegetables, Peonies, and Art

Spring Sales at Matthaei-Nichols: Container Plantings, Herbs and Vegetables, Peonies, and Art

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Here are some opportunities for a few hours send by Gail K>

many of these things can be used for education……………

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by Gail K.
To Share a newsworthy piece of information from a Hosta grower:

At the hosta college one speaker shared her secret for
deterring deer and rabbits from the yard or garden………….

she tried all the usual remedies such as hanging bags filled with human hair
or bars of Irish Spring Soap in trees and on bushes….even using coyote or other
predator urine(that is expensive)…………..

she has found that in early spring (deer cut their trails in early March)– free throwing Milorganite around the perimeter of
your yard, in the flower.gardens and repeating that in 3-4 weeks works the best.
she shared that a company in Milwaukee Wisc. came up with a purpose to recycle sewage-=-
this is sanitized sewage from Milwaukee Wisc.— and she says it works.

a deer can smell up to 1/4 miles away and she has seen deer in her neighborhood come out of
a yard near hers and clearly walk past hers……….she also advised, that you do not want to get on a wood
deck or on concrete. Because it is sewage she does not recommend putting into a veggie garden, even
if it is sanitized. But if you have a large yard you just put it around the perimeter to keep them from coming
into the yard at all…………..The best time to buy this is summer or late fall

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