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A Study in Weeds

Our friend and MG sent me this to post:
Another Excerpt from “What The Master Gardener Sees”
A weed can be anything that grows where you don’t want it to. However, if you arm yourself with a macro lens on your camera, you may just want to re-think removing it from your garden






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From all that I heard during the garden walk, it was a success. Here are a few more photos of Paul’s garden. If anyone has photos from the other gardens, please post or send to me to post. I know we would all love to see them. Have a great week…and don’t forget to post photos for Foto Friday as well.

Pathway to Gardens


100_3740 100_3741 100_3742 100_3743 100_3744 100_3745 100_3746 100_3747 100_3748 100_3749 100_3751 100_3752 100_3753

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Jennie emailed me this article from our contributing Master Gardener who likes to remain anonymous. Some beautiful photos.

It wasn’t that long ago we were all staring out the windows at our snow-blanketed gardens wondering if anything would survive the extreme weather conditions we had in the winter of 2013/2014. With that memory still vivid, let us look at what mid-summer has given us and give a thankful sigh, for “This Is Why We Garden” (all photos taken in the backyard 15-Jul-2014):Capture1





why we garden why we garden2 why we garden3 why we garden4 why we garden5

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