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Chris E. sent me an email which included information on Sunflower seeds to help Support Ukrainian. I took a copy of the posted email. The links in the photo below will not work because it’s a copy of the live post. However, I added their link below the image. Just click it will take you to the page of available seeds to order. It shows in green.

Sunflower Seeds | Botanical Interests


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I am the first to declare I am not an expert in bird treat projects; but with an excess of mixed birdseed to use– I needed to explore my options.

Checking the web provided a lot of conflicting info. Most say NOT OK to feed items that contain sugar, salt or too much protein, which could make the birds dependent on “our feeding.”

As you see in the photo above- I chose a very simple project;
Pinecones & Peanut butter.

Instead of throwing the pinecones into the fire pit; I took leftover elastic cording from Christmas and tied a loop around the tip of the cone.  The natural curve of the seed bract will be a perfect seat for the Peanut butter & bird seed–the cord will allow me to hang it.

This project is simple and a great one to do with the grandkids……but it is messy. With the cones all tied with cording- the next step is to apply the Peanut butter to hold the seed.  I used a spoon but whatever works……..to shove the Peanut butter down into the open spaces.

This project is best for winter; the cold temps prevent the Peanut butter from melting off the cones.  Just for this project, I used Peanut butter with no salt or sugar & luckily it was priced for closeout.

Following the Peanut butter, holding the cones over a bowl to catch the excess, I spooned bird seed over the cones. I did not use any fruits or nuts this time—just “no mess” bird seed.

No pun intended……..Here are the finished cones.

Once done, & temps still cold, I will hang them alongside my bird feeders; the squirrels will devour if I put them on the bushes or trees.

I am expecting blackbirds, woodpeckers, sparrows, nuthatches, chickadees & titmice to enjoy. Once the cones are picked clean, I will remove the cord & toss into the compost-the squirrels will find and finish cleaning them up. Did you do any bird feeding projects
this winter? please share your photos with the blog……..g

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