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Photo Friday

Toledo Botanica Gardens Part C

photos & story by Gail K.

While touring TBG, members took photos and jotted down the names of plants they were attracted to.  As promised, with but a brief window in time, a few which caught my eye.

Please; take a moment to relax. Have a seat, here in the shade and enjoy the following photos.

The lily looking down at its feet while the delphinium reach up to the sky– contrasting with the blue of the sky.

Such a showy seed head; how magnificent the flower must have been.

Love this shade of pink??

Seed heads which appear to be a strange insect vs remains of a flower

Are you an individual or just a part of the group??

Isn’t it intriguing–the various shapes within the flower community   —just like humans—

The path less traveled****

Despite the dark shadows, you can find hidden highlights in the shade—–


A big giant scrunch ball………

 intrigued this dogwood in such full bloom at this time

Leaving the cool respite of the shade, to find warmth in the sun

even the water lily reaches out of the cool water to catch some warm rays of sunshine; while the garlic sways in the daylight.

The Holy Ghost (Angelica Archangelica)– I want one!!! —-below, the pink of this double hollyhock cannot be
subdued even by sunlight.

Attracted much interest… but what is it?? salvia?? 

I’m not even a bee but attracted to the brilliance of this bee balm

Hope you enjoyed looking back at the highlights–  no good byes, just— til we meet again @ TBG!!!

We would enjoy seeing your photos…Please send,
for the blog………….g


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As we exited the Inclusive Garden, Jonathon was waiting to lead us thruthe main garden areas of TBG. The first area, the Rose Garden:

So fortunate for the beautiful weather as this portion will involve
extensive walking over vast terrain to reach the various garden areas

Moving along—over the river and thru the woods-heading for what I am calling the meadows—–passing the cabin gardens & the areas where later dahlias and daylilies will be in bloom. 

Off in the distance we catch a glimpse of what awaits us. Hidden garden features????

What is that??  On the hillside.

Did you see the Monarch Butterfly???   On the hillside. How about now??  (Never have made it to the top of that hill)

The gardens boast flat lands, hills, water and architectural features
along with the various plantings. We did our best to take it all in as Jonathan
narrated the history & purpose of the gardens, along with answering any
questions.  (this area below is where Stella works/volunteers her magic)

Just a few pictures of plantings and architectural features. Specific photos will be shared in a later post.

The groupings boast colors which work well with each other

Tucked away–exploring will bring pleasant surprises

Your experience will vary; depending on the time of day &whether cloudy or sunny.

The wall below a favorite of photographers; gardening here
 challenging for caretakers & those plants which dare to
obstruct the intrusive footsteps taken for “that special pic”

Following the brick path we head back to the entry area.

Rounding the bend; up pops a grand display of Giant Reed Grass.

Tom-did you say you were 6 foot??? 

We again pass by the cabin gardens—

this time we take the path leading us to the Hosta Garden–

A tree house is tucked into a playground– designed to introduce children to fun in a garden; club member Michele ,volunteers in the Hosta Gardens behind the exhibit.

I Hear the sound of water

Such Beauty

Exiting the Hosta Garden, Enroute to the Herb Garden

Passing a secluded pond that boldly captures the magic of the gardens: color, sounds and the glistening sunlight playing on the water—  real or just a reflection???

We arrive at our last stop before lunch: the Herb Garden.

There were plenty of oohs & ahhs as the group mingled around touching & smelling the various plants.  Club member Sandy volunteers in this garden.

Despite the majority having been to TBG before-it was special to see the completion of Scott’s Inclusive/Sensory Garden.

A huge thank you to Stella and Jonathan for an outstanding tour!!!!Can’t wait to see where we head off to for our next tour.  Hint: ask Barb, she knows…….

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Photos and story by Gail K.

With Covid restrictions lifted- the newly formed Monroe County Horticulture Club
eagerly welcomed & celebrated the onset of their 2021 “Tour season” with a visit
to the Toledo Botanical gardens,

Not a new tour site for our group; but this time we were on a mission to see the completed “sensory” garden.

A perfect weather day in June & all accounted for; let’s begin Part A of our tour!!!!Stella, is one of our hort club members who volunteers @ TBG.She had Steve present his vision for an inclusive sensory garden at a previous meeting. Today, everyone is excited to see how this has finally come to fruition..

We were greeted by TBG staff member Jonathan,who will lead us on a tour

of other gardens following the presentation of the inclusive garden.

At the entryway & with coffee in hand- Steve begin with a history & purpose of the garden.

Approaching the entry-Visitors are greeted by a wave of multi-colored flowers, planted in an arc.

Steve explained how each and every aspect of this garden has a purpose and how it’s focused around any variety of disabilities a person could have.

The design incorporated many special effects;  including unique rocks

specially designed walkways.

Steve explained how & why the garden was designed to encourage visitors to interact with the garden.

Even those without disability-experience more enjoyment when fully engaging their senses in this compact but well designed and impactful garden.

Just had to —didn’t ya Joan????
The displays really draw you in to the experience.

Even the plantings were chosen for the effect they would make on a person’s senses.

When you visit this particular garden–You need to pause-SHHH—QUIET—-sit & calmly let your zen open the soul to your senses. Take it all in, absorbing it deep into the very fiber of your being.

what can you hear?   water??   Bees??  Birds??

Close your eyes and breathe in, Filling your lungs with thevery essence of the odors that swirl around you on the breeze. Is it sweet, pungent or fruity??Soft, heavy, damp or dry????

 There were visual effects all around the display-

Most of the displays impacted multiple senses; such as the vibrant multi colored geranium which gave way to a heavy aroma if you pressed its leaves.

These plants made a strong visual impact but imagine— if you could not see-

Reach out and touch—-
Bumpy      Rough       Soft       Fluffy       Squishy

Everyone enjoyed our experience & as master gardeners, could fully appreciate the time and effort required for this project to become available for public enjoyment.

THANK YOU STEVE!!!  The gardens are a better place because of your hard work, dedication & willingness to share and bring to fruition your vision for this special garden.

 wishing all a peaceful-post Covid gardening season 2021.

Part B of TBG tour to follow     gk

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Stella K. Sends these along with a message:

The lilies are prime now if anyone wants to return for a walk.

I’ve added a few shots of what’s happening in my garden.

Soul Sister Rose
Final touch to my new garden….but is it ever done?
Cone Flowers are doing very well.
Been busy and haven’t cleaned pond… yet it’s still rewarding me.
Koko Loco Rose
Hydrangeas are blooming

What’s happening in your garden? Email me your photos for our next Photo Friday.

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Online Master Gardener training classes began in 2020 due to Covid, but we had very little notice. This year there will be online training again, and here is one of the closest options for Monroe area residents:  Event Summary for Extension Master Gardener Program Training Course – Wayne/Genesee County | ANR Events Management System (msu.edu)

If you know someone who has been wishing to have the training, please share this opportunity.

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