St Sabbas Gardens

The garden portion— Gail writes:
It was nice when we got there, but the threat of rain was in the air, and it did in fact rain.
So lingering in the gardens we could not do………..as I mentioned before, there is 1 man who is
the caretaker of the gardens and I will assume it includes inside and outside the walls.

The gardens have plants and religious icons mixed in with the hardscapes.


St. Sabbas Tea

Gail sent photos and writes:
These pics are from St. Sabbas. We stopped there after our tour of Cheryl’s urban garden.
A couple of facets to this tour were the tea, the gardens and the chapel. The rain started while we were at
tea, so there are limited pics of the garden.
I think everyone enjoyed their meal and the atmosphere. There was a multitude of teas to choose from 45- names that sounded
more like a flavors of ice cream vs. tea.

A Garden of Wonders

Stella took these at Toledo Botanical.
They are of a rugosa rose and several sculptures in garden settings at TBG.

Foto Friday

Sandy sent in these for today for your Photo Friday.

Don’t know if Alaska has a Master Gardener program but they can grow
beautiful annuals and large vegetables with all their summer daylight.

Cheryl’s Garden

Here are some more photo from Cheryl’s garden at Black Cat Pottery. Thanks Gail:

Gail sends just a few notes—along with some great photos.
The first round was of Cheryl English’s front yard—-She will send pics of her plants at a later time, but wanted to focus on just
what her “urban” yard is—wall to wall plants………..

We are in the back yard
the home of her “giants”. Here Gail showed some of The art work that
Cheryl displays in her garden. Many thought it would be a great
project for us to make the hypertoufa bench planters.

The story for the faces, she uses real people. She makes the
cast then adds specific touches…………

Oh, here are living garden pottery

Montage Monday

Kind of missed Foto Friday so how about a Montage Monday thanks to Gail