Photo Friday

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Photo Friday

Gail sends us our Photo Friday:

The Orioles have arrived strutting all their colors

Yummy yummy

I said this one is mine!!!

Red Breasted Grosbeck





And a Snip Snip here and a Snip Snip There…


Photo Friday

Gail sent us some additional photos from our last meeting:

How well did you pay attention as we walked around the gardens. Did you see these features?? Do you
remember where they were at??????

“Master Gardeners” hanging in a tree

Solomon Seal



Flower of native bulb passted around

Star of Bethlehem flower

female Mallard duck

Paw Paw

Lupine…tricked you….photo was taken from Petersburg Game Preserve

I was asked to further explain Goodsearch and Goodshop to the group:
Goodsearch is a search engine where non-profit organizations can raise money for their group. Each time you use this search engine, the MCMGA will receive 1 cent. Doesn’t sound like much but it adds up quickly.
Goodshop is part of goodsearch. Here you can get coupons and order online. Various percentages are given to the selected organization from the vendor you purchase from. Here is a site you can visit for some FAQs:

Go to the following link and you will be able to sign up for Goodsearch:

You will see this page. If you have already signed up then you would want to “Log In” and choose Monroe County Master Gardener Association as your cause(If you have not already done that). You can save this site to your favorites or to your task bar so that it is convenient when you need to search something. If you are not yet signed up; then you can do so by using the SIGN UP button (upper right corner)…it will also give you a search area to choose your cause during the sign up process. Just type Monroe County Master Gardener Association.

Once signed up you can search and or shop. When you choose a site that participates a pop up will show in the upper right hand screen. It looks like this:

You need to press the Activate Donation button so any donation will when come to the organization. This does not cost you anything and no fee or charge is added to your purchase. Notice in the first photo for the sign up at the bottom of the page they have a few participants advertising the amount that they will donate. So if you shop online, you will find many that donate to the organization. Also, you will also note that gumdrop notifies you on how many coupons are available for you to save as well. It’s a win win!

So let your searches and purchases work for the organization. It costs nothing, but the donations will allow us to continue great programs….HAPPY SEARCHING!!!

Gail sends us these photos and remarks:
Prior to the mtg. Master Gardener Bob Bransky sold his prized
heirloom tomato plants and some native plant seedlings.

Speaker Advanced Master Gardener & long time Monroe County member Carol Koesel
spoke to the group on bulbs-covering everything from tulips & daffs to irises and grape hyacinth………
then we toured our gardens.
Want to send out a thank you to these Master Gardeners. Carol we wish you all the best in your
retirement. We will surely miss you being an active member in our group.

Here the mixed group of master gardeners and horticulture club members listen as Jennie leads them thru the various areas of the gardens.

More picture to follow next Photo Friday

If you wished to know added information on the Lavender Farm located on Plank Rd in Milan area, here is a link to their Facebook page:


Gail has sent the following information and photos to share:

2 week event—-Green Ribbon Initiative–Ohio Metroparks
On May 5, 2018–Connie V. and I attended–
A post prescribed burn- tour of the Oak Savannah at Oak Openings Park.

Yes, I questioned why I would want to go see such a display but I will tell you, it was packed with information. Our Park Ranger was very well versed and it truly was a learning experience.

As we left the shelter and playground area we headed up into the area which was home for huge giant Oaks. Throughout this area are various paths- color coded so you know where you are going
or where you came from and what type of travel is allowed (walk, horse, bike, etc)


The area has its natural ups (Oak Highlands)& downs and criss crossed with water features. An abandoned railroad line is one feature in this park. Working in partnership with land conservation groups, they map and identify specific plants, or animals which are present. You see painted turtles–they are hoping they will soon have a population of the blanding turtle which is endangered.

Showing the principles of the burning technique Skunk cabbage was a predominant vegetative growth. The lesson here is if you see it is a wet and mucky habitat and you would do best to steer clear or tread lightly…….

The reason for this particular burn is to kill off all the undesirable trees (Maples, Cottonwoods) which would eventually crowd out and prevent new Oaks from growing. See the vast size of this forest; truly a remarkable blessing for the Ohio Metroparks– much preserved in this unique habitat–found no where else in the continental USA–the “Oak Openings” region. It encompasses Ohio and SE Michigan.

The varied & unique geological make up of this area provides a vast diversity in habitat for a variety of plants & other living creatures.

A fern coming back after the burn

A woodpecker has selected this tree

A tree that caught fire, they put out and left it stand as it too will
provide habitat to some of the animals found in the park.

Take the time to study the Oak Opening story, visit its parks-some are being
created here in Michigan. The goal is to preserve a “green ribbon” within the Oak
Openings-creating connectivity– a natural pathway for movement within this area to
protect the plants and animals who need this unique habitat to survive.