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First things first-
As promised, Scott sent a jar of his homemade Maple Syrup. Holding it up to the light—-you could see the beautiful color–it was one of the note worthy comments made by the members.

Even though he filters it 4-5 times, he always gets this sediment at the bottom- called Nitre/sugar sand. 

Our “beekeeper” Chris took a sample…& found the taste to be “just right”  Others agreed—Scott, they say it is so good you should sell it.

Fortunate to be able to take the rest home; I enjoyed my taste test the next morning at breakfast—slowly, I savored

each bite–of the sticky sweetness which I had drizzled over a warm stack of  waffles………

Thank you Scott!!!!!!           What a treat/g.


Let go out and support these gals!

The Monroe County Master Gardener and Horticulture Club will be at the Expo this Saturday, April 22, 2023. Come out and see us. From 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Monroe County Community College. For More Information click on Link below:


The Butterfly Lady on Facebook, posted this information with 10 very informative principles to making a great Butterfly Garden. Her website is great resource of information as well.

Here is the link to this information:

Ten Basic Principles for Creating a Butterfly Garden | Butterfly Lady (butterfly-lady.com)

Soil Testing

After a three-month break, Michigan State University Extension is pleased to announce the launch of a new soil testing program for Michigan residents made possible through a partnership with A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc. (A&L). Home gardeners and commercial clients may once again purchase soil sample bags and mailers through MSU Extension and receive recommendations directly from MSU Extension. A&L will analyze soil samples and send results to MSU Extension. MSU Extension staff will generate MSU recommendations and send those directly to the client.

Soil testing returns through MSU Extension! – Soil Health

Click on this link to find:


NEW 2023 Nursery Catalog now available!

Now available on our website (under the Perennial or Shrub & Tree Product tabs), each page is packed with full-color plant and bloom photos, growing information, and other useful tips you need to make “right plant – right place” pollinator friendly

selections.  You may also access the downloadable catalog .pdf directly by clicking here.

Due to changes in seasonal availability we do not list plant sizes and prices within the catalog.  Our plant sizes and pricing are available here.

March guest speaker:

With spring just around the corner, he chose to speak about pollinators.

The group listened intently as he spoke to the role we play in protecting these valuable assets in our gardens.

The spectrum of a tri-cycle of life!

Our lovely Queen Bee:

Highlights of his power point:

world wide bee concern—

Can you imagine- a world without birds, bees or butterflies?

Does that thought disturb you? It should & It’s happening!!!  

What can you do to help?

Gardeners are a must in the first line of defense.

Pollinators depend on us to do what they can’t.

In closing he shared a list of native plants and booksfor purchase: I picked up a book on Weed ID.

We ended the meeting with some tasty snacks &fellowship

Save the date: We will tour Windy Rock Nursery in August.

“how wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”Anne Frank

Blue Bird Seminar

Story & Photos by Gail K.

Just a short note: I took up Joan and Karen on the invite to attend the Blue Bird Society meeting, in Grand Rapids.We enjoyed a full day of informative lectures on a variety of  topics-I highly recommend; I learned a lot.

The large meeting room was fully encircled with various vendors offering information &/or merchandise.I left with a shirt, a tote and a feeder.  Karen & Joan did not go home empty handed either. 

After a 3 hr. early AM drive, with varied weather; I was happy when they announced-  2024: will be at Washtenaw

College in Ann Arbor…We’ll be sure to share the details.

                       Gail, Karen & Joan