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Milan Garden Club built and entered “Cordelia Anne” for the Milan Main Street Scarecrow contest which is going on now on Main Street in Milan, MI.

You just go to Milan Main Street’s page on FB – https://www.scarecrowsonmain.com/vote  – and the scarecrows all come up. You click the heart icon below the MGC scarecrow (located at the bottom of the group) and it increases the tally of how many have voted for her.   

Please help our club’s entry win and it takes less than a minute!!!….PLEASE forward to others you know to vote for Cordelia Anne also!

MANY Thanks,

P.S. If you find that it doesn’t let you vote more than once try it in Chrome. If you are using the new Microsoft Edge, I found that it would only allow me to vote once, even after a day or two. Today I tried my Chrome access and sure enough I could vote a second time.

I’ve also been having some issues with posts on Microsoft . I discovered that WordPress works better with Chrome than on the Microsoft access.

Thank you

Naida asked to have this posted with Gail’s approval. Since we won’t be having a meeting until next year, we wished members to see it.

Naida sent the following for posting:

Several of our Milan Garden Club gals (several of our members in our MGA
and also in the Monroe Hort Club) decided they wanted to build a
Scarecrow to enter in the “Scarecrows for Main” Contest in Milan
starting Monday, October 12.  They completed her Friday night after many
hours of planning, gathering supplies and building, and have named her
Cordelia Anne and she is over 7 feet tall!  Cordelia Anne, Garden Fairy
Scarecrow, will be residing on Main Street in Milan – attached to a
light post –  between Collins Center and The Owl, until the end of October.

Because I won’t be able to post a Photo Friday, tomorrow (will be away from my desktop) I thought I’d post a few new treasures. I’ve added a few photos from my garden along with one sent to me from Kay H. Each contains some piece of artwork that we can treasure along with our flowers. Don’t be shy, send me your garden treasures and photos to post to the Blog.

Kay H from our Horticulture Club send me this for other to see She writes:

Karen H had so many great pieces it was difficult to decide but I was taken by the shape and color of this one. Im so glad I chose it  Whatever flowers or buds I put in it looks just right and the water reservoir works very well.
Thanks for giving me such enjoyment Karen.
This year I pulled out some overgrown barberry shrubs and inserted in their place a Memorial Garden. This garden reflects the beauty of life, given the many passing’s of those with COVID 19. It also is a tribute to our beloved pets and family Linda W.
From the street it blends nicely with the garden in front of the sidewalk.
A cottage garden is starting to appear
Given to me from a friend who made it…this cute piece adds plenty of color and whimsey to my deck.

Extra Plants

Naida asked to post for Master Gardeners and Horticulture Club:

Milan Garden Club has too much Joe Pye Weed and Russian Sage at Hack House Museum on County Street in Milan. If interested in either of these plants let Naida know via email and I will meet you there when good for both of us. It will give you a chance to see where many of the Jerusalem artichokes from Monroe Extension were planted. They are in bloom now and our bees are loving it!

DNR Release

Stella sent this information, thinking it maybe of interest to some of our readers:


Stella sent a message:

thought you might enjoy the tour of my home away from home –

Make it a wonderful day.


In God I trust!

Hey members!

Many improvements have been made to Toledo Botanical Garden since Metroparks Toledo took over the day-to-day operations.

Take a virtual tour of TBG to see the newest features and upgrades:

And reserve your spot for one of the upcoming member tours:
 Toledo Arts Commission: Art in Public PlacesWednesday, September 30, 10-11 amToledo Botanical Garden is not just a museum for flowers, but it has an impressive collection of art. Each piece is diverse and has a story. Join us for a tour led by the Toledo Arts Commission and learn about the artists and their process when creating these masterpieces. 
 Members Twilight Rendezvous at TBGFriday October 2, 7-8:30 pmMembers join Metroparks Program naturalists for a walk where you just might get the sun and the moon! We will take a leisurely sunset stroll of the garden – featuring a visit to the new Doneghy Inclusive Garden – and then finish up in the quiet of darkness as a 99% full moon rises!

Michele B. sent me a copy of the Mathaei gardens newsletter. She thought members maybe interested in it. The articles are all separate, so I’m listing the links for them. Also a link to the Winter 2020 publication for those to enjoy:

Winter 2020: https://mbgna.umich.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Winter-2020-newsletter-1.pdf
Invasive plant of the week Black Locust: https://mbgna.umich.edu/invasive-of-the-week-black-locust/
This Week’s Featured Native Plant: Great Blue Lobelia You Tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aZEXo75rKE
Native Plant Quiz: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5f15b86def921800143bcdf5

Deborah K. Sent the following for posting

She added this note:
Some of the new forms are too out there for me. If I could only have two, they would be Sunday gloves, a cream, and prairie blue eyes. I’d say Joan senior and gentle blessings but I can’t always keep them going.

Stella sent us some photos from Toledo Botanical Gardens. She writes:

These are shots of some of the day lilies at their peak in the day lily walk at Toledo Botanical. Thought members might be interested since they are touring daylies Saturday.

Since Steve Stockford came and presented his initial plan/vision to the group, I thought this might be of interest for the blog –
Today they were putting the mulch down on the Inclusion Garden. Most all the plants and bushes are in and the water wall started flowing yesterday. They were installing half barrels that will turn like lazy Susans as well today.
Steve, who is very proud, said it is better than he dreamed!