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FotoFriday is a day late this week due to computer gremlins, but is it ever worth the wait! Linda sent photos that demonstrate using plantings and hardscape to create a motif. Colors and textures balance and unify to create a visual theme. These images are sure to bring out your own creative landscaping mojo!

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Linda Welch sent in photos of her tree peony specimens. They are stunning! I posted these in “gallery” style. Click on the first photo and you will be able to view each of these as a large image and you can advance to the next photo by clicking on the arrow. These are definitely worth viewing large!

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With my daughter’s wedding taking all my attention the past several weeks, I haven’t been able to work in my beds. The past few days I was able to at least walk around and re-discover what is growing. It is amazing how much pleasure seeing a few lovely things can bring! I took a few photos of some of those simple pleasures – little surprises that caught my eye. Not high art, but they made me happy so I’ll share them. (Click on the photos to view large.)

My flowering crab was shedding blossoms on my hostas. Something about them reminded me of a zen garden.

I liked the repeating vertical lines created by my ajuga against my wood fence.

Little surprises, simple pleasures – just about all the excitement I need for the time being!

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With spring well and truly here, it’s time to take off the lens covers and get ready for another season of FotoFriday!   I think we were all hoping for some exciting winter scenes — but this was not to be.

Hey, Mr Postman ---

I have a rather interesting fall rural mailbox scene from a farmstead just down the road from Jennie’s .  This farmer also likes to gussy up his barn with simple planters that never look out of place in the country.

Thanksgiving feast for a hungry squash borer.

Sue will be back in the director’s chair next week, with possibly some very interesting nature scenes from her recent time in Mississippi.  In the meanwhile, please send her your apple and cherry blossom and other springtime photos. She can “fix” just about anything from a wedding reception to fuzzy photos — so don’t be put off if your snapshot isn’t of magazine quality!  We want to see what interests you, and what’s in your garden.

Ornamental Kale


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FotoFriday 1/6/12

For the first FotoFriday of 2012 we have additional photos taken by Linda of Krones Conservatory in Cincinnati.

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This week we have a lovely photo series from Peggy Z. Peggy writes:

In early October my husband and I traveled to Omaha, NE where we visited the area’s botanical garden, Lauritzen Gardens. Here are some photos from our visit, starting with the Visitor’s Center. The plant in the closeup looks like an annual. The was a large area of shade gardens. The turkeys wandered where they liked. I have other photos I can share. The garden’s website is lauritzengardens.org

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FotoFriday 12/16/11

This week, Linda submitted a photo of her newly purchased Selaginella krausianna variegatus, commonly called Frosty Fern. Linda writes, “It’s just a small plant, but at first glance it looks like an evergreen with frost on the tips.  It grows  to 12″, is a fast grower and some use it as a ground cover.  Although in Michigan I believe it’ll just be a creeping house plant.  The stems root where ever they touch soil. The stems are bright green marked with gold. Although it’s not really a fern, it does produce spores instead of seeds, like a fern.  I think it makes a great house plant for this season.”

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