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Story & photos by Gail K.

The Monarchs have flown south as the days grow shorter; we awake to find frost on the pumpkins. 
The winter solstice is upon us; and the end of another year draws near.
It’s time to reap the harvest, to celebrate & mingle with friends…..hurry now, lady snow waits on the horizon.

Jennie gives a prayer of thanks before our meal….AMEN.

Despite continued concerns with Covid; it was so nice to gather as a group again.
One last time before year’s end; to share a meal–

To converse face to face; sharing stories & laughter;

To just be with; to share time with; friends– old & new— “our family of fellow gardeners”

This year’s speaker was ARLA- a Master Gardener and member of the Brighton Garden Club.

Arla’s topic: “A Garden To Die For.” Plants not planted AKA weeds–which could pop up in your garden; nightshade, herbane or giant hogweed; As well as those planted intentionally such as Angel’s Trumpet, Foxglove & Monkshood.  We learned just how they could poison by touch or ingestion.

She shared the stories on how these plants impacted history over time. Their past uses & how we use them today.  She covered far more than I can share in this blog. She was an excellent speaker, with a very informative presentation. Thank you!!!!   I know we all learned something.

Following the presentation, we continued to share fellowship & do some shopping.

Chris brought “home grown” honey—
Karen & Arla brought beautiful pieces of handmade ceramics. (craft show flyer under education opp. on our mg page).

People took this opportunity to do some early holiday shopping.

There were tables of give one- take one or just TAKE IT! Everyone went home with something-I grabbed some canna and tuberose tubers.,

Saying our goodbyes for 2021—stay safe my friends.

May your Thanksgiving be bountiful-so many of us faced difficulties this past year.  Emoji

May Christmas bring you blessings-beyond your wishes. Emoji May the New Year bring us back together with a renewed spirit. EmojiEmojiEmoji

I look forward to seeing all of you in the New Year!!!!!! 

We look forward to meeting once again in 2022; be safe…..gail & linda


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Story & Photos by Gail K.

Despite a few of us getting turned around; we all reached the Beach Ridge Area in
the Oak Openings Metropark.

This is where the Cannaley TreeHouse Village is located; and the destination for our September tour.

Upon arrival; we were greeted by Nick & Patty, Park Rangers, who will lead our tour.

They shared the history behind the creation of this unique aspect within the Toledo Metropark system.

With everyone accounted for, we begin the walk to the village; Nick answering the many questions we had & sharing much more information on the Metro-Parks in Toledo.

Walking along the path we could peer thru the trees & catch sneak peeks at what lie ahead:      LOOK!  OVER THERE, ANOTHER ONE!!

Reaching the official entry point:

 we were given a brief description of each structure and sent off to explore at our own pace……

Here is a map of the village, the descriptive info on each treehouse, can be found on the Toledo Metropark web site.

Excited & eager to check things out- we scattered in different directions. Looking around, my first impression: this was gonna be way too cool!!  C’mon, let’s get started.

Pick a path…..

From my unique vantage point-I was overlooking-
WHOA–Look, over that way–
Where are those gals headed off to???

Our guides stayed on site- no questions went unanswered

There was much thought & planning put into the design-
construction was done to protect the environment as
well as the trees which were used; along with ensuring the structures would be safe for use………… 

You need to see what the various tree houses offer inside as well, since they are all different.

These are not like any tree house I ever saw as a kid.

The sleeping quarters were very unique in each treehouse-based on a theme…………

living areas and kitchens varied as well—
No two alike in any aspect……….

The cabins varied in occupancy limits. Exterior colors were chosen to enhance blending in with their surroundings.  

You could look to the right and to the left:
You could look up and then down.
Cabins and pathways were tucked in all around

ABOVE: I knew those girls were up to no good—ha ha

Our treehouse adventure brought the “kid’ out in all of us. It reminded me of the Ewok village in the Star War movies.
BELOW:   Yeah, I see you Tom!!!

Time’s up-meeting @ the swing set, ‘Smores please???Walking to our cars, we pass by the bike trail; most of us will be making one more stop before heading home….


 It was a good day!! I must say, my photos do not dojustice to the treehouse village.  I suggest you take a
look for yourself…check the web site for public viewing timesand who knows, you may decide to bunk there for a day or two.

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