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Informative Information

Naida asked that I post this information to advise all of the following event potential

“After hearing rumors that The World Cup of Gardening on Belle Isle would
not be taking place in June of this year, I emailed Belle Isle
Conservancy and learned that the decision had been made to postpone the
event until 2016. No further information was provided.
I believe Belle Isle is still a worthwhile tour for our master gardener
group this June and we could pair it up with Detroit’s Eastern Market
and/or Pewabic Pottery. The other tour possibility that was being
considered was Schnormeier Gardens in Gambeir, Ohio. I would invite you
to google all mentioned options and I’m hoping at our February meeting
we can vote on which tour or tour combination you would be most
interested in. Both Eastern Market and Pewabic Pottery are only about 2
miles from Belle Isle (some say walking distance) but with all the other
walking my choice would be to drive. We will plan on a car pool with
more information at a later date.
Another thing I learned as I was trying to get information on the World
Cup of Gardening event is that the MSU Master Gardener College, which
was always scheduled for two days in late June, has been canceled this year.”



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I was asked to post the link below for a great event at the Toledo Zoo. There are a number of topics being presented that should be of interest to our MG members: Native Plants in the Home Garden, Pruning Shrubs and Ornamental Trees, Tips for Your Best Vegetable Garden Ever, Of Birds and Butterflies (plants that attract our winged friends). It’s a good way for some educational hours.

Click to access Toledo_Zoo_Garden_Show.pdf

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Want to identify a tree? Well, there’s an app for that. That is if you have an iphone or ipad….not sure there’s one for an android. But if we find one…we’ll post it.

Naida gave me the following information to post:

Several people have asked me about a tree ID app I have on my cell phone. I told them I would ask you to post the information on the Blog in case anyone else might be interested.  I learned about
it from a MSUE News publication I subscribe to.  There is a small one-time charge of $3.99 for the app but I think it is worth it because it is from Purdue and “backed by the expertise of Purdue extension forestry
specialists.”  This is the link folks can go to to read more about it along with the link to purchase it.


Thanks Naida, I’m sure it’ll come in handy for some of us.

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Monarch Butterfields

The Michigan Master Gardener Association posted this article on their Facebook Page. I thought I should share it. There’s a good video to watch of a monarch emerging as well . The link is below:


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