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Congratulations to Paul

Our own Paul Russeau, Monroe County Master Gardener, received an award for his native gardens. Here’s some background information and photos. This is a great honor…Congratulations Paul:

From the national Wild Ones website:
As the only national not-for-profit educational organization with a mission to promote environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities, Wild Ones serves as a resource for private individuals, schools, commercial property owners, and community decision makers as they move toward ethical choices in land use and in the redefinition of current guidelines and ordinances affecting our landscape. Because we are a “plants-roots” organization, our organizational goals are accomplished through local chapters and their individual members.

Paul writes:
The award, was presented to me by the Wild Ones Oak Openings Region Chapter. One of the activities of the chapter is to present student, business, public agency, and residential landscape awards. The Oak Openings is a globally-threatened ecosystem of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

I am a member of he Oak Openings Region Chapter and applied ( you do not need to be a member to apply) for the 2018 Native Landscape Residential Award. The criteria for the award is have 50% or great native plants in your garden, the garden must be at least two years old, submit a list of the native plant species in your garden, and include the primary source of your native plants. I was selected as one of the gardens eligible and the Awards Committee visited/toured my garden. After the committee toured all garden that were selected, I was chosen the winner. It really was an honor to receive the award.

After I read Doug Tallamy’s book Bringing Nature Home, it was for me a “call to action”. I then knew when making landscape decisions I could have an impact on the survival of birds, insects, and other wildlife simply by selecting native plants. In addition , and as a result of my Master Gardener training, I needed to help educate my community on sustainable gardening, the benefit of native plants and their role in our ecosystem.

For more information on Wild Ones:

Link to Wild Ones Oak Openings Region Chapter

Link to the national Wild Ones website


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Hosta College

Here’s an educational opportunity:

Here is a great event for all gardeners and it is not just about Hostas. They offer over 70 different classes on a variety of subjects. There will be vendors, an auction, a raffle, a prize giveaway and a banquet. I have been going for the last 7 years and can highly recommend it. Registration opens January 26 and classes fill up fast.
Click on PDF Below:


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Attention Plant Enthusiasts: Attend the 2019 Plants of Distinction and Beat the Winter Doldrums!
Beat the winter doldrums and get energized for spring! Join nationally renowned horticulturists and fellow “plant geeks” for the daylong MSU Extension “Plants of Distinction” seminar in Novi on February 13th.

This year’s topics and speakers include:

The Layered Garden – David Culp, Horticulturist & Vice President, Sunny Border Nurseries, CT
At the Water’s Edge: Marginal Plants – Matthew Ross, Director of Continuing Education, Longwood Gardens, PA
The Hunt for New and Better Hydrangeas for Michigan Gardens – Tim Wood, Plant Hunter, Product Development and Marketing Manager, Spring Meadow Nursery, MI
50 Plants You Cannot Live Without – David Culp, Horticulturist & Vice President, Sunny Border Nurseries, CT
Plants that Ignite the Winter Landscape – Matthew Ross, Director, Continuing Education, Longwood Gardens, PA

Cost is $85.00, and includes a light breakfast, lunch, beverages and handouts.

Visit https://events.anr.msu.edu/POD2019/ for full details and registration.

Registration closes February 6th or until this popular event is filled. To avoid disappointment, register early. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate walk-in registrations.

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Oudolf Garden Detroit

Naida received a note from our Michigan Garden Clubs
President. She wanted to share this information so
sent this link:


On this website you can click on the Newsletter Archives to read how the
idea started and the progress.

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I have a couple of secret Santa’s out there and I thought I would share.(Thank you Santa). I received two great books to share. The first is Garden Walks: Hand In Hand by Gary W. Burns. It’s filled with poetry inspired for the garden. It is divided in to sections that include: Colorful Blooms, This Back Yard Garden, Garden Paths, Seasons Cascading and Perennial Days. Each sections has several poems for reading. I’ve read a few that have brighten my day. But, I so want to read them on a sunny day in the garden.
This book is very inspirational and I recommend it.

As most of you know, during the cold winter months, I make paper flowers. This leads me to my second Secret Santa’s book…The Accidental Botanist: The structure of Plants Revealed. This is authored by Robbie Honey. It begins with an introduction to Robbie Honey. Seems we have some common interests: interior design and flowers. Santa knew me well. This book is filled with information of flower varieties along with a photo of the plant deconstructed. A jewel for a Master Gardener, especially if they happen to make paper flowers. The chapters are divided by flower color. I’ve already made a few. I totally recommend this book for those interested in the particular parts and how they appear of a plant and bloom. Along with the photos is a short story and information on the plant.

Santa sure was good to me.

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As we plan out our new year activities; you may want to add a few of these destinations for a visit. Naida will be printing out some sites for our next meeting. But’ why not have a preview? These links will include additional links to areas that can be visited.

Public and Private Gardens:


Michigan Nature Centers, Conservatories, Bogs, Prairies and Fens:

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Horticulture Club Card

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