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For our last meeting of 2019, we were fortunate to have Tom Woelmer speak to us on his newest garden crop-HOPS.

He shared, he had no idea what the vines with pods were when he first came across the “wild” hops growing on his wooded farm lot. He shared the history of his farm, and how discovering the hops has sent him on an ntrepreneurial path to produce hops to sell for commercial-craft beer production.

Below: a field of hop vines growing up Coyers; Jute fibers tied to tall poles…

He shared a ton of information; from planting “the girls,” to growing & harvesting and finally prepping the hops to sell. We learned not all are equal; variation of vine, leaf, hop color along with the type of soil grown in change characteristics of the flavor & are the principle factors considered by those who buy Hops for craft beer production.

Mr. Woelmer’s hops are unique; Wild-Naturalized with specifics somewhat unknown. Given these factors he named
his native Hops-“Mystique” So the next time you are in the mood to try a craft beer-read the label; you may be enjoying some of Mr. Woelmer’s award winning- “Mystique” Hops.
Following the meeting; for one last time & checking it twice-made a to-do list for work needed in the gardens. Please enjoy some candid shots taken as the Monday morning garden warriors literally tucked the beds in for winter—-

Majority vote-love that rake!! Need to find one-hey Santa.

this area needs an intervention-NEXT YEAR!!

there are more over there!!!!

OOPS!!!!!! We’ve all done it—-

Now that is what I call weed free—-GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!!

Do I really have to cut this down, it is still so pretty?????

Look mom-we have grass growing!!!!

??? Left for the birds, the bees,or pleasing to the eyes & winter interest.

Well folks it’s clear fall has arrived-

Love the grandeur of the season but I’m not a cool weather gardener. With that being said-it is time for this Turkey to pack it up

& head inside to grab a blanket while sitting in front of a warm fire.

This brings the 2019 extension garden season to an END!!!!! *** your Monday morning garden warriors????

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