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More Beautyberries

Jennie sent me some added photos from our demo garden. She writes:
Here are some shots of the one in our demo garden in case you want to use them. One shows flowers and one shows where rabbits are eating the berries and stems in winter. They often chew it right down so we scarcely have to prune it.




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Callicarpa americana: American beautyberry. from the Verbenaceae (Verbena Family). This shrub will grow to 3-5 feet and about the same in width. It has long arching branches with clusters of berries at leaf axils. These beautiful iridescent-purple fruit grown in the fall and winter. It’s a favorite to so many birds since the fruit has a high moisture content. They are also favorites of the opossum, raccoon and squirrels. White tailed deer consume the fruit
in the fall after leaf drop. During spring and summer, the deer consume the foliage. These shrubs may be propagated by softwood cuttings, but they are primarily grown from seed that require no pretreatment to germinate.
Due to the numerous fruits many volunteers will produce and are very hearty. These may be dug up and transplanted in other locations. The flower cluster that forms appears on new growth, so prune only after the fruits are gone to encourage next seasons growth and berry production. This plant can withstand a hard pruning. You may take it to the ground level in winter months if you desire. Although the berries are most commonly found in the rich purple, they are also available in white. It certainly has earned its name.

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