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Visit the Museum 2020

Gail sent us this article she wrote along with these stunning photos.

COVID 2020; What a year!!!   I am still trying to pick up the pieces, coming across some information I had intended to share with you. Today as good a day as any–
Off we go to the Toledo Museum of Art to see; An “immersive” exhibit by Yayoi Kusamaof Shinjukyu, Tokyo. Currently, 90 yrs. old, her celebrated career has spanned 7 decades; which began as a child with hallucinations transformed into artistic manifestations. 
“Fireflies on the Water”- (150 LED lights)
The title alone sparked my interest.  Fireflies–what’s not to love!!! So I set my sights on finding the day to go and BAMM Covid hit. Would I ever see this very unusual exhibit??

Finally, YES-she was allowing the Museum to resume the display and I did not hesitate to call and get my assigned time……………
and I wasn’t disappointed!!!!!

This exhibit was very unique to anything I have ever experienced.I am not an art person but I love trying something different.  It speaks to my soul and this folks was different. entering into the room — alone-no one else in there with me. I would have 60 seconds to immerse myself into the exhibit& then I would have to leave…………. I was given explicit instructions to carefully walk onto the platform(edges were visible) and then stand still-do not reach out with my hands.  Folks–all I can say is    WOW!!!!  Follow along with me as I experienced fireflies like I have never seen………

The feeling of just standing there–was bazaar. I am not sure I can explain it in words……

 see me??    I am in—–I am a part of the exhibit!!!! 

This was just really freaky!!!

This statement was taken directly from the article in the Toledo City Paper—-I still have it if you want to read the full article.

Have you figured out just how this display worked????
60 seconds wasn’t long enough.  I was clicking pictures, my senses exploding with confusion; my emotions
begin to well up, tugging at the deepest pits of my soul. Suddenly the doors opened and I was asked to leave the exhibit…………HOLY COW-HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS?? Do I make another visit……..?? I decided not to, and this is why……….

I would say-I believe I was fortunate and experiencedfully the intent behind Ms. Kusama’s exhibit.
Thank you for sharing your talents with the world !!!!

Let me close this story with a couple extra pics from the art museum …..

the one below is something anyone of us could create-really Hope you enjoyed it.  g


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Happy Lunar New Year

Gail sent us a new post:

Happy Lunar New Year!!!!  The year of the Ox. I discovered my Chinese birth sign is the Water Dragon. To celebrate I am sharing a post on: What do you want for Christmas Mom?
I responded with How about an Amaryllis……fully expecting a beautiful bloom to brighten the day-but…

to my surprise, not one flower in sight as gifts were placed under the tree. There was a big box with my name on it???   Want to help me open my gift…….????   HINT-see above.

So the big box under the tree with my name on it– held 6 boxesof Amaryllis bulbs.   3 of each color.

To be honest, I have never forced a bulb. So I thought maybe there were others who also lacked in this experience.  Follow alongas I navigate the process. Opened the box, taking everything out. 

Finding a bulb, rather large.

The growing medium in the shape of a disc, about 1/2 inch thick.

Following the directions, I placed the disc into the pot.

Added Water:

Fluffed with fork.

making a hole for the bulb

Taking the bulb I placed it down into the pot.

covering up to the base of the green leafy portion with the
growing medium.

6 bulbs later

Watering once a week and keeping near a light source (window)which had a heat vent in front of I waited and watched. 

It didn’t take long, the box said 8-10 wks but mine closer to 14 days-normal plant time is Nov. with bloom time @ Christmas. SoI was doing it later & some of the bulbs had matured in the box

the first to bloom was a brilliant scarlett red color

one was white with a pink hue

one was a dark pink hue (not pictured on the box)
this one did the best–hosting double stalk with a cluster of 5blooms on each.

Here are the three of them together:

I gave a dark red one away; 2- produced no blooms, only leaves (could return).  After blooming, allow dying back. In May plant the bulbs in the garden (won’t the squirrels love these)& fertilize. In September lift the bulbs, cut back the foliage and store them in a cool dry place for 2 months, and then repeat the process again for another season of enjoyment. I found it a fun project, would be great to do with children-would suggest everyone tries it at least once…..PS  Caution: Children-no matter what their age, may not listen,
so use care when asking for that Christmas gift…..gk

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Orchid Show

.The Toledo Zoo is once again hosting The Orchid Show on weekends in February. I did not see any lectures, but they are offering a few workshops to check it out   just go to the official Toledo zoo & aquarium site………….gail

Here is a link for additional information: https://www.toledozoo.org/orchidshow

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