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Black Cat and the Moon

Gail sends just a few notes—along with some great photos.
The first round was of Cheryl English’s front yard—-She will send pics of her plants at a later time, but wanted to focus on just
what her “urban” yard is—wall to wall plants………..

We are in the back yard
the home of her “giants”. Here Gail showed some of The art work that
Cheryl displays in her garden. Many thought it would be a great
project for us to make the hypertoufa bench planters.

The story for the faces, she uses real people. She makes the
cast then adds specific touches…………

Oh, here are living garden pottery


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Montage Monday

Kind of missed Foto Friday so how about a Montage Monday thanks to Gail

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Lavender for Foto Friday

Gail writes: up north lavender farm in July
air was heavy with the smell of lavender. The bees were having a buzzing
good time. You could hear the buzzing as you approached the various patches. (I can see Gail chasing those bees to capture a photo in my mind)

their legs as seen in one photo were so heavy with gold pollen they could barely fly

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Here’s a few photo’s from last week’s tour at Rakers

At the end of our tour. Linda offered us a shady respite……….
thank you Linda the hospitality and food was great.

Linda’s mini campground garden pic

Here’s a photo of the Scarlet tanager that’s been hanging out there ..too bad it’s not the best shot. Linda

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