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2021 Final tour:

Photos and story by Gail K.

2021 Final tour:leaving rural Michigan we head south to Ohio;
down US 23 to Airport Hwy West. 

: Gardener- I brake for plant sales & yard art.
           (maybe we should make a sticker)

Oak Park is well noted for their expertise in pond care. They have several on site ponds and carry a vast array ofproducts & supplies needed to maintain any type of pond.

Along with pumps & liners; they offer a variety of pond plants and fish. I have always found the staff to be informative and helpful.

In addition to the outdoor displays & products; their indoor exhibits offer a variety of unique garden items,which attract gardeners of all types

ABOVE:     Fairy Garden items

.BELOW:   Terrariums

ABOVE:  Indoor plants

BELOW:  Succulents galore

Back outside: we found a large expanse of trees, shrubs, & plants on display.  These are but a fraction of what they have on site at the start of the growing season…but at this time of the year-the price is right…..

ABOVE: ground covers galore!!! 

SMILE!!! I caught the Milan gals off guard, as they walked around the gardens–

Then there is my favorite-YARD ART!!!

As expected; the variety has diminished since the start ofthe growing season, but they still had a lot to offer……

There are pots of all sizes, shapes and uses.
BELOW:  Assisted by a staff member-Debbie found justthe right pot to take home for her garden.

Tucked away in the shade garden is an expansive

Gnome village. I admit; I believe in fairies & gnomes. Do you??  This was a really neat display, and not far from the small playground they have for children without parents.

Tom & Emokee discuss adding a gnome garden to their wooded lot garden. One plant in the shade garden, deserving of attention was The butter burr…. several members grabbed at least one for their own shade gardens

OK folks; finish your shopping and tuck your goodiesinto your cars…..it’s time to hop off our designated
stop of the day—- The Cannaley Treehouse Village.

Look who I found to take home–just so cute!!!

Thank you Oak Park for your hospitality & shopper’s discount.We enjoyed our visit and found some great deals. We’ll besure to check back early in 2022 for our gardening needs.

Meet you at the village………………….g


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One last time I flipped thru the photos.  A select few catching my eye; as if the others not quite enough. In this final post on the Dahlia tour; I share a view of Mother Nature & perhaps her **  perspective of life.

ABOVE: Even Mother Nature isn’t always perfect;        ** Why should we try to be?

BELOW: Wonder, if the nectar tastes like vanilla or strawberry??
         ** Life is a matter of give and take….

Erect & standing at attention; as if to say Hey!  “Look at me”
        ** Be proud of who you are—

ABOVE: A color standout; makes up for the lack of petals.
           ** Be the best you can be.

BELOW: Delicate yet “imperfect”; kissed by the soft
   glow of a morning sun;
                   ** just happy to BE……

BELOW: Nodding as if embarrassed in lacking a full bloom;
       **Be patient; beauty doesn’t happen over night

ABOVE: Deformed or just unique; reality two separate blooms.
           **Don’t be too quick to judge

BELOW: Who needs all that stuff around the outside anyway??            *** Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

BELOW: Muted colors outside, mask the brightness from within.
**Things are never as they seem. 

ABOVE: Yummy delight, the bee oblivious to my presence;
      ****Enjoy what you will …….
BELOW: Lookin’ good no matter which way you see them

 ** two sides to everything; Be willing to look at both ….

ABOVE: when the time is right; the bud will “pop” to full bloom
      *** enjoy this moment in time, it will never happen again

BELOW: Hey there, you lookin’ at me??
    **wonders of nature are all around us-just look

You think I resemble what???***Dare to be different

Just a few of the standout groupings: As we leave

the Dirty Girls Dahlia Farm –carry this thought with you


Thank you Gail for all the lovely photos from our visit to the Dirty Girls Dahlia Farm. It has been inspirational. I will miss seeing everyone at our brunch.. I hope to be back in track in 2022. As you requested, Gail, here are this season’s dahlias from my paper farm inspired by this visit and your photos. Linda

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