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Stella sent me this:

This is worth picking around to see what you can find –


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Chris E., Our favorite bee keeper, sent me this for posting:

This afternoon (3/20/23 @ 5:24PM) Spring arrived.  The honey bee hives are taking advantage of the moderate temperatures to forage and take back to the hive the pollen from the early bloomers.  This one straggly crocus has attracted 7 ladies, count’em 7!  What a free for all!  Back home at the hive the air is alive with ladies coming and going!  We give them a little support with sugar syrup once the temps are above freezing. 

Seven Ladies
Day 1 Spring ’23

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Stella sent me this link, she though Hosta lovers would be interested:


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A Year in Blooms

Please join us for a live presentation:A Year in Blooms – Through A Pollinator’s Eyes
Dexter Township Hall, 6880 Dexter-Pinckney Rd. Dexter, MI  
This is an “idea” talk for those desiring to plant for pollinators, but not knowing where to begin or how to select plants that best meet pollinators’ needs throughout the year.  We will explore how seasonal bloom patterns provide what pollinators need at critical stges throughout the year, where bees get the protein necessary to ensure early spring brood success and the role of fall blooming wildflowers in aiding Monarch migration and pollinator over-wintering success, among other topics.
This in-person event is FREE, but advanced registration is requested (click on “Find Out More” below). For those unable to attend the live event, Washtenaw County Conservation District is planning on recording the event for their YouTube channel here.
Find Out More

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This is a screenshot I received from Gail. I’ve posted a link below this screenshot to their Website. The “Event Details” button is not active since this is a screenshot.

Here is an active link, just click anywhere:

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by Gail K

At our last meeting-Stella brought CARA CARA oranges for our snack. I had never eaten one so I had to try–seemed to me they have a distinct flavor.  Some questioned:

Were they a cross between a blood & naval orange??

Jennie shared, the red color in fact due to LYCOPENE.

The same component in tomatoes…..raising the question

fruit or vegetable??  I will leave all of this up to you to ponder ……

I am just going to enjoy eating them……….g

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