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November 30th
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Oakwoods Metropark
2911 Willow Rd
Flat Rock, MI 48134

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Photo Friday

Let’s begin with an Oct. double rainbow—so clear we were able to see every color of the spectrum

Many of the photos I submitted to the blog this past season, have revolved around
Monarchs. I was fortunate this summer to have a large number of milkweed plants play
host for the Monarchs. As things progressed, I became a surrogate whose task was to oversee
the nursery so to speak……
Posted in order are #1……..the earliest noted. no wonder they get missed
#2 is a full size caterpillar. #4 talk about appetites……….when they were all done and
had gone into chrysalis stage, all that was left was the main stems.

#5 once they are big enough, they seek out a place to make their chrysalis.
#6 the spot chosen, they will curl up to begin the change
# 7 the end result. they stay in this state until they have transformed into a butterfly
#8 when ready they will emerge from the bottom of the chrysalis and hang there until

their wings have uncurled fully and partially dried.
#9 where did it go
#10 & #11 fortunate to be able to teach my granddaughter the life cycle of the Monarch
#12 sitting in sun and fanning its wings

After hatching, their wings are stiff and wet and they must dry out.
They will fan their wings while hanging from the chrysalis or walk to
a spot where there is room to do this. Very vulnerable at this time.
We had one day where the bush right outside my kitchen window
held 4 of newly hatched Monarchs. As soon as they could fly
they headed for nectar plants.

I tried to keep tabs on the milkweed nursery but it wasn’t easy. I collected 18 empty chrysalis, which
would lead me to believe I had at least 18 eggs go full cycle. I collected 7 “damaged” chrysalis
cases………..and i saw at least 5 deformed caterpillars………….
WOW–a few things off my bucket list…………..hoping for a repeat next year.

in closing….a fall sunset and a couple of other visitors I came across
Isn’t nature just grand………….gk


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