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I just couldn’t wait for Photo Friday to post these photos. So I called it What’s up on Wednesday:

First Jennie sent me this photo of Dame’s Rocket. She wrote:
“The weed/wildflower is having a very good year. Mom and I loved seeing these thick patches along our ditch banks.”

So my garden had a photo shoot By Annie B Photography in Temperance. Some of you will notice my new vertical wall structure, that wasn’t here on last years tour. Here’s the results:

Almost as it’s end, but this is an Itoh peony


The rose that had not bloomed for 2 years, Finally, buds, and it’s loaded. Yes, it is a David Austin after all.

At Last, rose bud, I planted a Memorial Garden for those who passed from the virus and for our beloved pet Ziggy who passed as well. There are three of these rose in that garden, along with some other great items. It’s also a new addition this year.

Bud of Poppy

Poppies in bloom


Another peony

White Bleeding Heart


My new vertical structure. It’s to hide those brown garbage bins.

Bloomstruck hydrangea, just budding. It was very popular in last year’s tour. Planted a second in the structure

One of the structure planter areas

climbing hydrangea


Bleeding heart

Rex begonia: Escargot

Another new addition, Proven Winners – Chaenomeles Double Take Orange (Quince). It’s a winner for sure, it reblooms and is thorn less.


Heuchera buds

Heuchera –

The blooms of my Hellebore are beginning to seed

Bloomstruck just beginning to color


The humming birds are visiting this honeysuckle



closer view of Baptisia

a rose, I’m thinking it may have an issue from chemical used ,appears a bit archaic.

A bloom of that David Austin.

Lungwort, Pulmonaria

A rex variety of Escargot

Curly hosta


My favorite of this session, Columbine


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Gail sent this information to post:
Native Plant Sales:

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Plants to Avoid

Some interesting information, via Jennie and Naida
Plants to avoid:

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